23 Sep 2013

Escape the Room Puzzle Games

There is a genre of games known as “escape the room”. These are minimalist flash video games in which you are locked inside a... room, or rooms, and have to figure out how to escape. if you've never tried such games, have a go at The Viridian Room first.

The Crimson Room is perhaps the most famous (and the smallest) such game however, there is one clue that requires going to a specific URL and last time I tried to play it the information was out of date and did not work. This may have been fixed; you’ll know it when you see it! Lots of other similar escape games at Escape Room.

As always, do try to solve the games by yourself – searching for walk-throughs is a sign of defeat!

Digital escape games have given rise to real-life versions. If you're in Bangkok, have a look at Escape Hunt.