8 Sep 2014

How to Solve Some Logical Reasoning IQ Test Puzzles

Last week we discovered two things: that very few students in our real-life club have had a formal IQ test; and that many students enjoy doing puzzles. So, putting these together we shall start our quest to find the best IQ tests online and treat them as puzzles to solve, understand and then make our own.

Each blog post will look at one online IQ test. They are not in any order of preference yet, but at the end I shall list the best ones.

This week, we shall look at IQ-TEST.com (Certified by The High IQ Society).

1 Sep 2014

Game About Squares

A nice gentle start to the year with a clever game I found during the summer.

Let's see what level you can reach during the lesson!


Welcome to our IQ Test Factory

Welcome to the new school year and to the Gifted Club for primary students at Traill International School.

I see some new names on the list of invited students. Take the time to look at the various pages on this website; it will give you some idea of what we did last year. Hopefully, you'll also find some interesting stuff you hadn't seen before.

Now, being a gifted kid means that you've probably had to go through numerous tests. Not just school tests but also IQ tests and perhaps even personality tests. Maybe you enjoy them, maybe not so much, but somehow it doesn't seem enough to have genius thoughts, you also have to answer questions made up by someone you'll never know.