2 Dec 2013

The Start of the End of 2013 Quiz

I know, it isn't quite the end of the year, but it is the last session of this club. So to celebrate, here is an End of 2013 Quiz.

It isn't all mathematics... and it isn't all that easy either! The good news is that there are only 12 questions. So, get a piece of paper, number your answers A1 to A12 and hand in your completed sheet once you've done all you can!

Have fun!

Question 1

How many times faster does the second hand of a clock go round compared to the hour hand?

A1 = ___


Question 2

The diagram is constructed using one circle of radius 4 units, plus pairs of semicircles of radii 1, 2 and 3 units.

Find the ratio of the red : yellow : green : blue areas.


Question 3


A3 = ___

Questions 4 to 6: End of 2013 Quiz

Question 4

Place these numbers in decreasing order of size.

8^1, 7^2, 6^3, 5^4, 4^5, 3^6, 2^7, 1^8

Which is the highest number?

(Note that 6^3 means 63.)

A4 = ___


Question 5

32-28-92-16 2-75 !

What does it mean?

A5 = ___


Question 6

Here is a peculiar sequence of numbers:

123456789, 33456789, 6456789, 696789, 691389, ...

What single-digit number is left at the end?

A6 = ___

Questions 7 to 9: End of 2013 Quiz

Question 7

Which English word has five vowels in a row?

A7 = ___


Question 8

When Tanvir climbed the Tajingdong mountain, on his way to the top he saw it was raining 11 times. At Tajindong, on a rainy day, it rains either in the morning or in the afternoon; but it never rains twice in the same day. On his way, Tanvir spent 16 mornings and 13 afternoons without rain.

How many days did it take for Tanvir to climb the Tajindong mountain in total?

A8 = ___


Question 9

You have two rectangular tiles and wish to place them inside the larger square. One tile is blue and red, the other is blue and yellow.

How many different unique patterns can you make?

In this case, treat all rotational symmetries as one unique pattern; just as you would if it was a real tile that you could rotate in your hand.

A9 = ___

Questions 10 to 12: End of 2013 Quiz

Question 10

Which word has five consonants in a row?

A10 = ___


Question 11

Mrs Pixey likes to play tricks on her three kids. This morning she packs their personal lunch boxes, one in each of their school bags. However, she places every lunch box in the wrong bag!

In how many ways can she do this?

A11 = ___


Question 12

And finally...

Here is a small number puzzle.

1 Across is a cube

3 Across is a square

1 Down is a square

2 Down is a cube

All four 3-digit numbers must be different.

A12 = ___

That's it!

Now, have a quick check that you've answered all the questions and submit it before the end of the hour.

If you're doing this online, the solutions will be published in a few days.