2 Dec 2013

Questions 10 to 12: End of 2013 Quiz

Question 10

Which word has five consonants in a row?

A10 = ___


Question 11

Mrs Pixey likes to play tricks on her three kids. This morning she packs their personal lunch boxes, one in each of their school bags. However, she places every lunch box in the wrong bag!

In how many ways can she do this?

A11 = ___


Question 12

And finally...

Here is a small number puzzle.

1 Across is a cube

3 Across is a square

1 Down is a square

2 Down is a cube

All four 3-digit numbers must be different.

A12 = ___

That's it!

Now, have a quick check that you've answered all the questions and submit it before the end of the hour.

If you're doing this online, the solutions will be published in a few days.