14 Oct 2014

Coursera for Kids!

I haven't posted in a few weeks, but that doesn't mean that we've been idle!

We've been looking at those websites that are designed for adults but that can be equally fascinating for gifted kids. This short article is about Coursera.

Coursera.org is similar to Academic Earth, but seems to have shorter courses that can be done in 4 to 6 weeks rather than whole undergraduate lectures. So... is there really anything for kids on there?

Well, do your teachers keep going on about a balanced and healthy diet? Do you actually have a balanced and healthy diet? And what does it all mean anyway?! You might be interested in Child Nutrition and Cooking. At loeast it will teach you how to feed yourself.

Or what about Chinese for Beginners?

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects. Teachers may teach you many things but few of them take the time to really teach you how to study and how to remember stuff. The brain is not very good at knowing what is important and what isn't, so it's up to you to remember to remember - and that's just a matter of mental training.

And finally (for now), in a school where almost every student is at least bilingual, if not trilingual, The Bilingual Brain may help you realise both the challenges and the creativity that comes from being fluent in different languages.

And absolutely finally... a  disclaimer! Some of the above links may die in the future but just go to Coursera and have a browse at any topic of interest to you.

Oh yes, all the courses are free to join and have a tutor to guide you. Because they have real tutors each course has a start and stop date. If a course is full or nearly finished you can sign up for the next round.

You only need to pay if you really want a piece of paper telling someone else that you've paid for the piece of paper... and passed the course. Otherwise, it's free to take part and learn something different!