1 Sep 2014

Welcome to our IQ Test Factory

Welcome to the new school year and to the Gifted Club for primary students at Traill International School.

I see some new names on the list of invited students. Take the time to look at the various pages on this website; it will give you some idea of what we did last year. Hopefully, you'll also find some interesting stuff you hadn't seen before.

Now, being a gifted kid means that you've probably had to go through numerous tests. Not just school tests but also IQ tests and perhaps even personality tests. Maybe you enjoy them, maybe not so much, but somehow it doesn't seem enough to have genius thoughts, you also have to answer questions made up by someone you'll never know.

So this term I'd like to turn the tables and have you design an IQ-style test. This will involve looking at different question types in topics such as numbers, logic, words and patterns. We'll find out how standard questions are designed and then make up our own!

We shall not be looking into the statistical analysis necessary to create a valid IQ test with a normal distribution, but we can look at our data to check if the test is either too hard or too easy.

The first step is to look at some of the IQ tests found on the internet. When you have found a good test that is genuinely free and calculates your score without asking for money at the very end, add it to the comments below.

As a start, take a look at the free IQ test at Learnmyself. Bear in mind that this is designed for adults, but the results are genuinely free! You may also find their Personality Test revealing.

A final note, for now: last year we looked at how to design a simple quiz using MIT's Scratch so that you already have a skeleton program into which you can insert different kinds of questions. The program was also designed to calculate a score for each question and to give a grand total at the end. I think if we build the whole thing in Scratch we can then share it with others on the net.

Good luck and hope you enjoy this term!